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About us

Our purpose is to provide a convenience store and social hub for the benefit of Otterton Village, its visitors and the wider community selling a wide range of locally sourced and competitively priced foods and household goods.

It is a Community Benefit Enterprise run on a ‘not for profit basis’ to achieve sufficient surplus to ensure the sustainability of the shop and when possible, to financially support other local community projects.

It is run by a Management Committee with the aid of a dedicated team of volunteers and a part-time salaried shop manager responsible for the day to day trading activities of the shop.

We support local producers and the rural economy by providing an outlet for fresh and processed produce; we create employment and provide local shopping for villagers, visitors and especially, less mobile residents.

Our accessibility has a positive environmental impact by reducing customer vehicle journeys and food miles.

Did you know that we also accept payments via VISA Debit?